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Sailing from Athens/Aegina... Private cruise only, before mid-May or after mid-October, end June, beginning September.

Sailing Greek islands on a yacht charter
We stop often in nice coves for lunch and enjoy the sea. Use the snorkeling and fishing gear on board and also a paddle.

Itineraries : 

Here are the indicative itineraries and spots we can visit during our sailing cruises from Athens/Aegina .

From Piraeus (the harbor of Athens) there is dozens ferries and "dolphins" each day to Aegina and fast ones need just 40 minuts. You can take a morning Ferry and then set sails immediatly, or arrive the evening and spend your first night on board in Aegina harbor.

So Aegina is very easy to reach from Athens, and starting from there allows us to optimize the itinerary in the islands and Peloponnese.
These indicative itineraries are for one week.


1st Itinerary: Argo-Saronic islands and Epidaurus

This quiet itinerary (with shorter sailing routes) allows to have plenty of time to enjoy the islands and small coves:

Aegina island - Kyra islet - Epidavros - Poros - Hydra - Spetses - Perdika - Angistri islet - Aegina

Carte des Cyclades


2nd Itinerary: Argo-Saronic islands - West coast of Peloponnese - Monemvasia :

This itinerary allows to discover the wild coast of West Peloponnese up to Monemvasia. The day you visit Monemvasia there is no lunch on board as you will be on shore, and it is a day with only breakfast on board.

Aegina - Poros - Hydra - Kyparissi - Monemvasia - Ieraka - Fokianos - Spetse - Aegina


The captain can suit the itinerary to your wishes taking in consideration different elements as harbours, weather forecast, time of sailing and... return date.
If you take a 2 weeks cruise, we can go to all the spots mentionned below and even sail to Elafonisos and Kythira...


Photo Gallery of these itineraries


Aegina harbor Greece
Starting point Aegina means you are immediatly in vacations, far from big city...
Temple of Aphaia
The Aegina temple of Aphaea, Greek Godess associated with fertility, is one of the three temples of the sacred triangle Parthenon, Sounion and Aphaea.
Thanks to Sarah C. Murray and Axel Berger for the photos of Aegina.
Entrance of Hydra harbor
Beautiful Hydra island, former very powerful maritime place.
Thanks to Emmanuel Eragne, Francisco J. Gonzales and Sue Reynolds for the photos of Hydra.
Hydra harbor from the land
With the creation of the Greek state, the island lost its maritime position, one reason was that piracy become impossible... :-)
Donkeys in Hydra
In the beautiful Hydra, cars and motorcycles are not allowed by law. Horses, donkeys and water taxis provide public transportation.
Spetse and Bouboulina
Spetses island played an important role in the Greek War of Independence and was the home of celebrated war heroine Bouboulina.
Thanks to Gerry Labrijn and Klipsch Fan for the photos of Spetses. 
Octopus and Ouzo
Very few cars also in Spetses, but octopus (considered "a meal fit for a king" in Greek antiquity) and ouzo are never far...
Sailing to Santorini
For those who choose the Monemvasia itinerary, is time to sail South...
West coast of Peloponnese - Kyparisi
The wild West coast of Peloponnese, not easy to reach by car, offers very nice places as Kyparisi...
Matt Barett pictures of Kyparisi
Thanks to Matt Barrett Econopouly for these pictures of Kyparisi.
Monemvasia peninsula
Monemvasia peninsula, "Gibraltar of the East", the site of a powerful medieval fortress. 
Monemvasia city
William II of Villehardouin took it in 1248, on honourable terms, after three years of siege. Thank's to Spiros Vathis, K. Payavlas and Pavel69 for the photos of Monemvassia.
Gerakas natural harbor
After spending most of the day to visit Monemvasia, we sail the evening to the impressive natural harbor of Geraka, with few fishing taverns...
Fokianos bay
Next day we sail North back to Argo-Saronic islands, discovering one last nice place of Peloponnese : Fokianos.  Photo : Fanis Panoramio
Poros island has volcanic origin and is separated to Peloponnese by a 200 meters chenal.
Thanks to Centophobia, Doug Knuth and Llee Wu for the photos of Poros.
Poros from the land
Poros from the mainland.
Poros harbor
Still an island with her fishing boats.
Ancient Epidaurus harbor
Those who choose to stroll in the islands rather than go down to Monemvasia will visit the natural harbor of old Epidavros, the ancients knew where to make a harbor !  Photo by Anatakti.
Epidavros Theater
And of course the impressive famous Epidavros Theater !  Photo by Ronny Slegel.