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Greek Private Yacht Charter

Choose which of our yachts is more suitable for your needs, then see below prices and conditions.
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ANATOLIE, 21 meters (70 feet), ideal for 3 families or 4 couples and 1 single:

KAPETAN KOSMAS, 88 feet (27 meters), for 5 couples or 3 families - with 3/4 crew
Cyclades yacht charter

SYROLANA, 27 meters (88 feet), for large families or up to 6 couples - 3 crew

They sail the Cyclades, the Ionian islands and the Sporades.
For your comfort, in July and August we avoid Cyclades which can be very windy during these months.

2018 Prices

Click here for our current promotions subject to availability. If you are lucky or have flexibility on the dates it can be interesting, if not, these are our prices but always feel free to ask for a quotation.

For PDF brochure of 2019 prices this is the link !


*Rental - Weekly price with skipper & insurance 

**Expenses - Operating costs including : Harbor and marina fees, other crew members, AND fuel expenses paid by the owner up to 24 hours in the week (not bad surprise in the end of the trip !)

*** Total- All yacht expenses included, (except: VAT 12%, half-board & open-bar provisionning contribution, crew tips)

Period/Your Yacht Rental* Expenses** TOTAL***
for a week
MAY or OCTOBER Weekly cruise in the Cyclades - ANATOLIE, 21m 9/13 passengers 7,600 + 3,300 10,900
MAY or OCTOBER Weekly cruise in the Cyclades - KAPETAN KOSMAS, 27m, 10/12 passengers 11,000 + 4,300 15,300
MAY or OCTOBER Weekly cruise in the Cyclades - SYROLANA, 27m 12/16 passengers 11,450 + 4,300 15,750
Mid-season Cyclades or 7 Wonders Odyssey - ANATOLIE, 21m 9/13 passengers 9,600 + 3,300 12,900
Mid-season Cyclades or Evia Secret Greece - KAPETAN KOSMAS, 27m, 10/12 passengers 12,000 + 4,300 16,300
Mid-season Cyclades or 7 Wonders Odyssey - SYROLANA, 27m - 12/16 passengers 12,450 + 4,300 16,750
Departures July 7th and 14th and August 25th - ANATOLIE 21m, Ionian islands 10,600 +3,300 13,900
Departures July 7th and 14th and August 25th - KAPETAN KOSMAS, Sporades islands or Evia Secret Greece 13,000 + 4,300 17,300
Departures July 7th and 14th and August 25th - SYROLANA 27m, Ionian islands or 7 Wonders Odyssey 13,450 +4,300 17,750
Departures from July 21st to August 18th included - ANATOLIE 21m, Ionian islands 12,200 + 3,300 14,900
Departures from July 21st to August 18th included - KAPETAN KOSMAS, Sporades islands 15,000 + 4,300 19,300
Departures from July 21st to August 18th included - SYROLANA 27m, Ionian islands 15,450 + 4,300 19,750

Please Note

If applied, for 'one way' trip or ending in other harbour: delivery, re-delivery lump cost is 33 Euro per nautical mile Base harbor for Cyclades: Mykonos (Paros, Naxos or Syros can be also chosen with 300 Euro extra fee). For Sporades or Ionian, we provide private transfers from Athens Airport to the yacht and back (included on the Saturday). If you wish to include Santorini in your itinerary (extreme South of Cyclades), add 700 Euro extra-fee.


Prices include:

  • Rent of the whole yacht with skipper, Insurance
  • 7 nights on board, usually from Saturday to Saturday
  • Crew fees except tips (if you want "service included" add 7% on the price)
  • Harbor and marinas fees
  • Gasoil consumption
  • Wifi / 3G on board (99% of time effective, free for email use but not possible to download movies :-)
  • For our cruises to Sporades islands or Ionian in July and August, we organize transfers from Athens Airport to the yacht and back the Saturdays

The half-board and open-bar provisionning contribution, lump sum to pay on boarding time, is to add and include:

  • Daily breakfast and one meal (lunch or dinner) on board (this is 7 breakfasts and 6 meals, local wine included)
  • Basic beverages on the bar (self-service open-bar include soft drinks, local wine and beers and also ouzo in reasonnable quantitites) you are free to have a drink when you want and you can bring or ask the crew to buy for you any bottle you want on the market price. 
  • Water, electricity and any other fees for the yacht during the trip

This contribution is 275 Euro per person for the whole week (children from 5 to 12 pay 130). Minimum contribution (even if you hire the yacht for 2 persons) is based on 5 adults for the IRINA, 6 adults for the ANATOLIE and 7 adults for the SYROLANA.

The Only Extras:

VAT (is actualy 12% of the total: renting+expenses), and crew gratuities to give in the end of the cruise (normal base: 7 to 10%). You will have then only the dinners on shore expenses to add. Cancellation insurance can be included by your credit card payment (check with your Bank), but is often long and complicate. We advise you to take an online travel and cancellation insurance and then pay by wire Bank to Bank without extra fees. This is the link for an insurance where we are referenced, if you live in Europe : insurance


Boarding usually begin's at 5:00pm the first day and final docking is at 9:00am the last day (example for 7 days beginning the Saturday : boarding the Saturday at 5:00pm and leaving the yacht the next Saturday at 9:00am). You can also board the Sunday morning and the yacht leaves immediately.

Itinerary and others aspects

The itinerary is flexible, according to your wishes before and during the cruise. The captain validates the itinerary according to security imperatives, the weather and the return date. These yachts are "fifty", means to use sails with engines. Sails give stability and security when there is strong wind, but is rarely possible to use only the sails. On private cruise, if you do not have priority on the itinerary, then is possible to use more the sails if the wind allows it. Air-conditionning on the cabins is working when there is enough power on the shore, and even we have a special system to run it with less power, there is many harbors in Greece not well equiped. We do NOT run the generator all the night for air-conditioning like some yachts are doing, polluting their neighbours all the night. On private cruise we can choose places well equiped if it is more important for you than the itinerary.

Good to know:

These are the 4 ways to make cruises aboard "small boats" (we offer the option number 3):

  • Option 1. "Bare boat": all tasks are carried out by our guests.
  • Option 2. "With skipper": The skipper is responsible for the operation of the boat, guests take care of provisioning, cooking, dishes, final cleaning etc...
  • Option 3. "With Skipper, hostess and sailor(s)", 3 or 4 crew in total: You do not have to do the shopping, preparing meals or doing the dishes.
  • Option 4. Yacht with full crew and "hotel service": Additional crew members are dedicated to passenger's service and other clean the boat during all the week. A yacht of this type has usually at least 6 crew members and the weekly price varies between 30,000 and 300,000 Euro for a group of 8 to 12 passengers. It is possible to find cheaper in Egypt or Turkey.

We offer the option number 3, with a family atmosphere on board. This means that you put your feet under the table, that the skipper is responsible for navigation, but no one is at the service of anyone, or everyone can be on the service to everyone when needed : team spirit. There are currently no cabin and hotel service and, in one week, each one will probably have the opportunity to put a little "hand dough" on various aspects of life on board (even to launch a drink).

If one is used to cruise ships with a whole part of the crew for passenger's service and expects the same thing, better to choose then a cruise ship or hire a yacht with at least 5 crew members. Our formula has advantages (small group, "as his own boat," access to small coves and fishing villages, authenticity), but everyone can have a small participation and there is no "hotel service".


If you book at least 8 weeks before departure you can choose to pay in 2 installments:
50% at the time of booking and 50% the latest one month before the departure
If you book at least 3 months before departure you can choose to pay in 2 or even 3 installments, 1/3 on booking, 1/3 one month before departure, and the other 1/3 between these 2 payments
You can download the legal conditions of our charters here.

3. Direct Booking

1. Send an email or call us on +30 6978 196 667 and tell us the following information:
Choose dates and a yacht (Kapetan-Kosmas, ANATOLIE or SYROLANA), and the number of persons in your group.
You will receive a confirmation by email in the following 24 hours or immediately by phone.
We give you a 48 hours option to allow you to check your flights before confirming and paying a deposit.

2. To confirm your booking you can make a deposit by credit card with a SECURED transaction via EASY PAY. following these instructions: for security reasons the Bank System works only if you are registered, so the FIRST THING TO DO is to click on the link "New User ? Sign up" under Password. A new window opens and then you have to give your name, email and choose a password. You will receive an activation email in a minute, in order to verify your email. When activated, you have to follow OUR EASY PAY link again, but this time you have to enter your email directly and your chosen password and then you will have finally access to the payment :-) Note that there are banks that do not allow payment by card on the internet if it is more than 1000. In this case and if you wish to pay a larger amount, proceed with 2 payments, each less than 1000. The first deposit by Easypay to confirm one booking is without Bank fees (means we pay them), on further payement(s) you have to apply in addition 1,5% Bank fees. OK, this system is not so easy and accepts only Visa and MasterCard. If you have difficulties and still want to pay by credit card for insurance reasons you can use our PayPal link which is more simple and accepts all cards but in this case you have to add and pay the fees which are 3.4 % of the amount if you are in Eurozone, 4,4 % if your currency is not Euro ! 

OR pay by Electronic Bank to Bank Transfer WITHOUT ANY FEE:  click here for the information you will need to give to your bank.


We invite you to see our references and read passengers reviews : follow this link.