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We are a family run business headed by Captain Alex. We will make you feel like you are on your yacht.

2017 Greek Yacht Charter Promotions

Subject to availability 

Taxes And Operating Costs Include:

Harbour fees, hostess, AND fuel expenses paid by the owner up to 24 hours in the week (not a bad surprise at the end of the trip!)

Total Price Includes

All yacht expenses except half-board and crew tips


All prices are in Euros


CABIN cruise OR PRIVATE CRUISE (VAT included for cabin, on private cruise VAT 12% is to add)
places & dates
Renting price Operating costs TOTAL
13 to 20 May - one way Cyclades itinerary starting Athens/Egina and ending Mykonos
one C cabin available for 890 Euro per person
one A cabin available for 1170 Euro per person
1st to 8 July - one way 7 Wonders itinerary starting Athens/Egina
one C cabin available for 1100 Euro per person rather than 1230
one A cabin available for 1390 Euro per person rather than 1590
One week PRIVATE CRUISE on the IRINA, from Athens-Aegina in May 2017
The whole 22 meters yacht up to 9 guests
6,600 + 3300 9 900 Euro
VAT included means 12% discount