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For many years we have worked with high level Tour Operators such as "Voyageurs du Monde" in Paris and you can find our yachts on their website. Their faithfulness is the consequence of the quality of our services.
Your criterion of choice should not be only the price.

Since 2016, we created a Facebook group for our passenger's reviews, as TripAdvisor deleted us end 2015 (TripAdvisor is normaly deleting all excursions that last more than one day). You can see the most recent reviews following this link :
The advantage is that you can contact directly our passengers (please do not abuse).  The disadvantage is that may be you have not Facebook :-)

That's why we also show here the last first page we had on tripadvisor :

Passengers reviews on TripAdvisor (before 2016):

Thanks to hidden pages of Google we could recover some valuable reviews of our passengers, at least a copy of the first page, as follows:
Family vacations in Greece

Greece with children

Travel with children in Greece
The Greek islands with chidren
Family vacations in the Greek islands
travel in Greece with children
Greece for a family
Sorry, there is not next page as Google keep in memory just an image of the first page. 
Dear travelers who left other reviews, sorry but they disappeared with also your 46 pictures....
We hope that TripAdvisor will change his rules about long excursions and we will be back again on their site...

Some more reviews in French as we found a more recent hidden page in Google in French :
Cruise in Greece for a family
Hire a yacht in the Greek islands for a family