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Aboard the yacht SYROLANA from Aegina, or yacht Amanda from Piraeus in 2020

Next will be June 27th 2020 to July 4th from East (Athens/Egina or Piraeus) to West, then back same trip will be August 29th to September 5th on the Syrolana ending at Aegina and 5th to 12th for the Amanda ending at Piraeus.

On June 27th boarding the evening in Aegina very easy to reach from Athens.
You will disembark the next Saturday morning for our transfer to Athens Airport (you will be there around 1pm).

On August 29th or Sept. 5th (route in reverse), meeting for transfer to the yacht is 4:30pm the Saturday on the Athens Airport, and you will disembark to Athens marina or Aegina the next Saturday morning after breakfast.


During this voyage you will admire and discover many treasures of Greece.

Rather than road trip you will sail and stop in nice coves to enjoy the sea.

Indicative route (inversed in begin September):

Day 1: Boarding in Aegina island (very close to Piraeus, the harbor of Athens, more than 20 ferries per day, only 40mn to cross) or Marina Zea Piraeus
Day 2: Epidavros
Day 3: Epidavros visit - Leaving after lunch - Evening and night in a cove close to Corinth
Day 4: Corinth canal - stop in a creek at noon - Galaxidi
Day 5: Galaxidi (visit of Delfous) - Trizonia island
Day 6: Trizonia - Nafpaktos - Messolongi
Day 7: Landing till 9:00am, transfer back to Athens Airport

Breakfast and a meal per day are taken on board, the other meal in the typical tavernas on the islands.


Our 7 Wonders Odyssey Photo Gallery

Aegina island
Aegina island welcome you..
thanks to Erik Drost for the photo
Goddess Aphaea Temple
And also the goddess Aphaea in her temple...
thanks to Stelios Kioussis for the photo
A Greek bay
Each day we stop at a nice cove or bay.
You have the opportunity to test the snorkeling or fishing gear and the paddle.
All while the crew prepare a good lunch based on fresh produce and olive oil.
A Cretian diet... but lots of it!

Epidavros theatre
The famous theater of Epidavros!
thanks to Em. Eragne for the photo
Approaching the Corinth Canal
Approaching the Corinth Canal
Crossing the Corinth Canal
Not so many people have the opportunity to cross it during a cruise... and it is impressive.

The nice village of Galaxidi welcomes us
thanks to Sykis for the photo
Opportunity to visit Delphi "the navel of the World"...
thanks to Daniel Enchev for the photo
View from the top of Delphi
An impressive place...
thanks to Kim Back for the photo
From Delphi museum
Delphi has a famous museum
thanks to S. Mollerus for the photo
Nafpaktos! It was here in 1571 the Ottoman Turks navy was decisively defeated by a coalition of European Christians
thanks to Dimkoa for the photo
Rio-Antirio bridge
The Last Wonder before arriving at Messolonghi is a modern one: crossing under the famous Rio-Antirio bridge
thanks to Eusebius for the photo