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Sailing In The Sporades Islands

For A One Week Cruise in July & August

Welcome on board of the yachts Anatolie and Kapetan Kosmas in the Sporades

Yacht Kapetan Kosmas
Sailing the Sporades Islands
in July & August

One more outstanding archipelagos among 200 inhabited Greek islands...

Boarding Saturday evening at Oreous (on Evia island, transfer provided from Athens Airport).

Disembarkation the following Saturday, same place until 9 AM (transfer back provided to Athens Airport).

Sporades Map

Our Sporades Photo Gallery


Our first stop is at a cove of the islet Pontikonissi.
You have the opportunity to test the snorkeling or fishing gear and the paddle.
All while the crew prepare a good lunch based on fresh produce and olive oil.
A Cretian diet... but lots of it!

Sporades harbours
From coves to harbours...
thanks to John Karakatsanis for the photo
This is Skopelos
thanks to Mrs Tom for the photo
Yachting around Skopelos
In the church on Skopelos Meryl Streep was married in the movie "Mamma Mia"
Sailing the Sporades islands
Sailing to another island
Alonissos is by the border of the maritime reserve where we will spend some time
thanks to David Baxendale for the photo
Yachting in Greece
Each day we choose a beautiful place along the coast. The freedom of being on a yacht!
Discovering Greek Islands
Once in the harbour the courageous can walk to discover secret places
thanks to Yorick R for the photo
Another day another island... this it's the famous Skiathos
thanks to David Baxendale for the photo
Greek houses overlooking the sea
Nice but crowded and we prefer to spend the night in a bay under the stars to avoid the disco noise!
thanks to Elias Filis for the photo
Greek island coastline
And the coast line is home to many beautiful places...
thanks to Harout Arabian for the photo
The privilege of being on a yacht!
We go easily to the extreme Pelion on Agia Kiriaki and the excursion to the top of the hill, Trikeri, is a must!
thanks to Prince Roy for the photo
Agia Kiriaki
Our yacht ANATOLIE in Agia Kiriaki, our last stop...