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Greek catamaran charter for Cyclades

Sailing in the West Cyclades islands

For a one week Cruise in May, June, September or October

Departure from Syros and including Serifos, Milos, Kimolos and Sifnos.

En croisiere dans les Cyclades
Sailing to Milos

Boarding time is 7pm the Saturday evening at Syros and the yacht leaves the Sunday morning. You can check the ferries to come to Syros from Rafina, Mykonos, or Piraeus-Athens, or internal flight Athens-Syros.

You will have more time to visit Syros on return, the next Friday.
Except if you arrived the day before at Syros and... this island worths it.

You will disembark the next Saturday morning and you can take the flight Syros - Athens, or the Ferry to Piraeus in the afternoon around 4pm, arriving in the evening, or reach easely Mykonos or Santorini with the fast Ferry leaving at 9:05 AM.

 Itineraire dans les iles grecques des Cyclades de l'Ouest

Our one week cruise from Saturday evening to next Saturday morning.

This is the indicative itinerary offered as the Captain adapts the route taking into consideration various factors such as ports, weather forecast and ... the return date.

In the middle of the day we anchor generally on a nice cove (lunch on board), swimming, snorkeling, tanning or enjoying the Sup paddle, and then we sail to the next Island harbor in the afternoon where you are free to visit and have dinner.

We also can swap and pass one night on anchor in a nice bay, under the stars...

There is a lot of very nice spots in the area, and the volcanic island of Milos alone is worth the trip.

This itinerary can end in Santorini, taking the fast morning Ferry from Syros to Santorini, arriving there at 11:30 AM the Saturday.

In July and August Cyclades can be very windy (the famous wind "Meltemi") and that's why we offer then the wonderfully quiet Ionian or Sporades islands and argo-saronic islands with Peloponnese coast during this period, except daily trips on the catamaran from Mykonos. 
The best periods for Cyclades are May or June, or after mid September.

Better weather and...less crowded. 


Our West-Cyclades Photo Gallery

Régime crétois
Syros is a different island in the Cyclades.
Commercial and cultural capital of the whole Eastern Mediterranean during the nineteen century, its marble streets and neoclassical architecture are unique.

Régime crétois
The Agios-Nikolaos church, one of the jewels of Ermoupoli...

best Greek islands
Syros has also nice coves :-)  (thank you Theo Bit for the photo)

Our first destination: Serifos island... 
Village de Serifos
The courageous can walk to the village, typical Cycladic...
Crique de Serifos
Each day we stop at a nice cove or bay.
You have the opportunity to test the snorkeling or fishing gear and the paddle.
All while the crew prepare a good lunch based on fresh produce and olive oil.
A Cretian diet... but lots of it!
Milos et Kimolos
It is time to go down to Milos and Kimolos, which were for centuries pirate lairs ...
Repas a bord en vacances
The volcanic Milos offers rare landscape ...
Les enfants ont trouvé une étoile de mer
The evenings, dinners on shore allows you to discover the local gastronomy, just by the sea...
Les eaux grecques sont très claires
Only in Milos !
Dauphins dans les iles grecques
And also very picturesque fishing villages ...
Le port de Kalamos
Kimolos, his neighbor, also has very beautiful waters ...
Village en Grèce
Butterflies love pretty flowers;-)
A bay on the Polyaigos islet
Nuit dans une baie avant retour sur Messolonghi en voilier
Sifnos, here the port of Kamares.
Nuit dans une baie avant retour sur Messolonghi en voilier
Sifnos offers beautiful hiking ...
Nuit dans une baie avant retour sur Messolonghi en voilier
Like all of our routes, we mix stunning scenery and pleasures of the sea.
Nuit dans une baie avant retour sur Messolonghi en voilier
Back at the port of Syros, where Tarsana tavern will welcome us last night with some musicians and a wooden boat decorations on the small shipyard ...
The Saturday morning you can take a Fast Ferry to Santorini from Syros if you want, arriving there at 11:30 AM...