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Greece By Sail - The Skippers & Yachts

In 1977 our Grand-father, Prof. Ioanis Th. MATSAKIS, decided to build a traditional wooden yacht, event in the origin of the sea focus of the family.

The professional activity is based in Syros island (center of Cyclades) and was started by his son Alexander.

3 descendants of Ioanis are now involved, with 3 traditional wooden sailing yachts (weekly cruises).


SECURITY: Always the rule No.1 in the sea and the same is true for sailing, tourist yachts or tankers.

QUALITY: Each year our yachts are perfectly maintained and... improved!

KINDNESS: Our job has only one sense and it is a beautiful one: to give Happiness...

One family company means addition of experiences, perfect knowledge of the yachts, highest motivation to offer the best service to our guests... who often come back, even from far abroad!

... It's true than with more than 10,000 miles of coast line and several thousands islands and islets Greece offers the opportunity to come back dozens of times without seeing the same islands!


In the Captain's Family I Ask For...

Captain Themis
...the Son: Themis often called "OMYGOODSON"
as he achieved to keep only the qualities of his Elders !


On the yacht since a young age Themistocle was a sailor, then a sailor-cook, then 4 years skipper of the ANATOLIE. Since 2016 he is captain of the 88 feet SYROLANA (27 m). In 2020 he will be skipper on the Kapetan Kosmas.

Syrolana and Themis
Syrolana & A Young Themis

Captain Alex
The Father: Alexandre "The Great... Bear!"
Good guy... but as long no-one tries to take his place in a harbor !


Founder of the activity, Alexander is the Skipper of the crewed yacht "Kapetan Kosmas" 88 feet (27 meters), the last yacht in our family fleet.  He should retire for sailing in 2020.

Captain Alex, a Yacht Master with commercial endorsement, made his first long trip with a wooden yacht more than 30 years ago from Greece to France.

He also sailed from Turkey to Venice, from Croatia to Malta and Baleares, from Tunisia to the Canary islands. But what he knows better is the Greek islands.

Captain Manolis
The Cretan: Manolis
Captain of the Anatolie for years, Manolis combines friendliness and experience for an authentic discovery of the Greek islands. He should be captain on the Syrolana in 2020.

4 years on the special forces as captain of small military boat, Manolis was then the skipper for 6 years on a wooden traditional yacht in the island of Crete.

Anatolie on sails and on anchor in a cove for a good lunch.